Let me introduce you the Expro M extruding machine

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3 Nov 2020

In all countries with the developed agricultural industry highly nutritional and easily digestible fodders, obtained on extruding units (extruding machines), are used for livestock and poultry feeding. In extruded fodders, nutritional value of mixtures of grains increases twice, pathogenic microflora almost completely dies in the finished product, and many substances, not digested in traditional fodders, obtain the form available for digestion. With such a diet, animals have practically no intestinal infections, they gain weight faster, and milk yields increase on farms.

Manufacturing for selling various extruded and granulated complete feed types also brings in a good return. The difference between the market price of such gods and their cost price is rather cosiderable. At the stably high demand for feeds, their manufacturers obtain good and permanent income.

Reliable partner

For more than 5 years, Expro M has been manufacturing various models of extruding machines and auxiliary equipment (extrudate coolers, conveyors, tankers, cyclone separators). The enterprise engineers constantly work on the improvement of structures and quality of the products released.

The experienced Expro M employees will help to select the equipment correctly in terms of efficiency, capacity, and cost. Raw material type and amount are taken into account, as well as all the customer's wishes.

The enterprise possibilities allow developing and completing full cycle production lines for treatment of soybeans, biowaste of fish or meat industry, and for manufacturing various types of complete feed.

Design advantages

For manufacturing worm feeders and disks, only high-carbon and constructional grades of steel are taken, cementation and heat treatment are applied. On models with high production, installation of cast-iron worm feeders is possible with the operating resource 3-4 higher than that of steel details.

The strengthened shaft design considerably increases the aggregate service life. On large machines, the standard set includes: magnetic collector, main engine smooth start, and auxiliary watter supply equipment is installed at the customer's wish.

The dedicated stripped frame allows easy transportation of the extruding machine into any rooms, and makes transportation easy.

Extruding machines for treatment of biowaste, mixtures of grains, and universal models, are equipped with extrudate grinders that cut the product on the tube output into small pieces.

A control cabinet is made for all models, with the set of tools supplied (wrenches, withdrawal tools, tamping).

Auxiliary equipment

The finished product has the temperature higher than 100 0С at the output. To increase its shelf life beyond 6 month, protect it from rancidity and caking, fast cooling is required. The cooler OKh-01 from Expro M will cope with this task brilliantly, and will also remove excessive moisture. Coolers are equipped with the fan, the cyclone separator for dust settling, and the air ducts.

To provide the extruding machine continuous operation, a tanker, also manufactured in Expro M workshops, is mounted above it. The tanker is equipped with level sensors and the LED lamp, that allows observing the amount of working mixture in the tank.

Spiral conveyors manufactured by the enterprise are made of high quality material and are intended for the product transportation between aggregates.

Partnership relations

All Expro M customers receive high-quality, reliable, and easy-in-maintenance equiment. The mounting supervision service and startup and commissioning are executed as a separate provision of the agreement.

Communication between Expro M and the customer is not limited by the equipment shipment of warranty term expiry. Having once become the company partner, a customer will always be able to reckon on comprehensive support and obtaining the most complete information in issues related to operation of the equipment purchased. Discounts or change in payments terms are possible for repeat customers. Tight partnership is always in priority for the enterprise management.

All spare parts for replacement are always available and can be sent to customers as soon as possible.

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