About company

Expro M has been present at the agricultural equipment market for a long time already, being not only a reliable supplier but also an experienced manufacturer. The main enterprise direction became the production of various models of extruding machines (for biowaste, grains and soybean treatment), and extrudate coolers, spiral conveyors, helical conveyors, and tankers.

The number of services provided by Expro M includes development and delivery of full cycle production lines for obtaining extruded soybeans, various types of complete feed and meat and fish industry waste treatment. The last question is now becoming an issue of the day

At biowaste treatment or fodder production, Expro M specialists will make and explain the operation principle of the production lines based on the customer's possibilities and wishes.

Start using a small (or a powerful) extruding machine in farming to obtain decontaminated, tasty and useful fodder for all livestock species.

The results of extruded complete feed use are the most noticeable on young stock. In this case, mortality is substantially reduced, and animals (and poultry) cease suffering from intestinal infections almost completely. The high percentage of extruded mixtures accessibility contributes to young stock fast growth and reduction of waste products (manure or droppings) amount.

In farming, there will always be waste (spoiled grain, food waste, remains of vegetables, meat, fish, etc.) that, after being processed at the Expro M extruding machine, will give the valuable, attractive product, very useful for animals.

Purchasing an extruding machine by Expro M is a proven way to turn waste into the source of additional income.

Equipment by Expro M:

Extruding machines:

All extruding machines by Expro M are divided into three main groups: for processing soybeans, mixtures of grains, and biowaste. There are also universal means processing all kinds of raw material. Depending on a model, installed capacity varies from 22 kW to 110 kW. In terms of performance: from 200 to 1400 kg/h.


Finished product on the extruding machine outlet has high temperature (over 100 оС). At soybean and biowaste treatment, extrudate should be cooled fast and on high quality level. In this case, you will avoid fast oxidation (racidification), remove excessive moisture, and increase shelf life almost to six months. When working with mixtures of grains (especially in composition of production lines), fast cooling for further treatment is also recommended.

Expro M coolers work on the counterflow principle (hot particles are cooled by the counter air flow). Each cooler is completed with the fan, the cyclone separator (for dust and fine particles settling), and the air ducts.

Coolers (ОХ-01) have different capacity (from 3 до 3.7 kW) and productivity (from 1 500 до 2,500 kg/h).


Expro M also produces transporting equipment, such as various spiral conveyors and helical conveyors. At customer's option, the equipment can be manufactured with various diameters, additionally equipped with steam discharge pipes, or a wash system.


In processing lines, the need arises often in intermediate tanks, for example, in front of the extruding machine, for constant and continuous feeding.

Expro M will produce and equip with the required accessories (raw material level control sensors, turners, or feed screws) tankers, or fodder boxes, of the required size.