Cooler OKh-01-1500

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Power, kW -3;
Productivity, kg/h -до 1500;
Weight (cooler + cyclone separator), kg -750 + 550;
Dimensions of the cooler, mm -3750 x 1260 x 1630;
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Is intended for fast and high quality extrudate cooling. The set includes the cyclone separator, the fan, the command console and the air ducts.
Power, kW
Productivity, kg/h
до 1500
Weight (cooler + cyclone separator), kg
750 + 550
Dimensions of the cooler, mm
3750 x 1260 x 1630
Dimensions of the cyclone separator, mm
1020 x 1600 x 3650
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Cooler OKh-01-1500